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Clinton Foundation Visit
December 2019


Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School works with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to create a healthier school environment where all students can thrive. Healthier Generation is a joint program between the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association that has reached over 29 million students across the country through health and wellness programs. Our school was most recently named to Healthier Generation’s 2019 list of “America’s Healthiest Schools,” becoming one of only eight schools nationwide to achieve the highest distinction—the National Healthy Schools Gold Award. Through our collaboration, West Side High School has started serving healthier meal options, teaching students how to cook healthier snacks, and implemented programs to encourage physical activity and mindfulness.

Learning to Work


Learning to Work is a new program for the 2018-2019 school year and is a partnership between West Side High School and Goddard Riverside Community Center. The program supports students at West Side High School through admissions, social support, college and career readiness, and a paid internship program. Throughout the school year we have been excited to work with students to provide LTW awards, go to Black Lives Matters events, take a trip to Six Flags Great Adventures, and host an Overnight College Trip. Look forward to many more highlights! 

Basketball Team News


Posted March 16, 2017


West Side Boys Basketball team won the league championship for the first time in the history of the school.

West Side Girl's Basketball team is tied for first place at the present time.


Norman Rockwell Place

Posted February 5, 2016


English teacher, Rene Mills, has worked tirelessly to get the New York City Council to rename a block of West 103rd Street to Norman Rockwell Place after the famous American painter. Rockwell lived on the block when he started his art career.


The final vote was unanimous  at the full meeting of the City Council this afternoon. We thank Jean, Lilit, Chu and the staff for assisting in making this last minute trip happen. We arrived on time as Mark Levine gave honorable commentary about Rockwell and the effort of the N. Rockwell Place Committee.  We were asked to stand and be acknowledged by those present at the Stated Meeting of the City Council.


We had a photo-op with  Councilman,Mark Levine 

The students were fascinated by the meeting  chamber and the architecture of the  building, a rare opportunity to experience. Asia Smiley was particularly interested in the activities of the meeting, she was encouraged by Levine to get involved in community affairs. Celia Luna and Maria Galindo were encouraged and welcomed to keep in touch, especially for intern opportunities.  Micah Evans is ready to look into other professions other than ballet after speaking with Tyrone Stevens, the communications /press representative for City Council. 

Please excuse  Asia, Micah,Celia and Maria from classes after Pd. 3.


So, the official Mayor's  signing of  the bill for Norman Rockwell Place will be sometime during our break !!!!  But we will be there! May 2016 we will be we will be invited back to hear the proclamation honoring Norman Rockwell.


June 9th is the big bash, The unveiling of the commemorative plaque and the secondary sign.


Edward A Reynolds would be proud of the current music program at West side High School which has recieved a grant from 20th Century Fox to develop a marching band and featured on FOX 5 NEWS. Many former students have gone on to make careers in the entertainment industry, most notably "Big L" and "A$AP Rocky", rappers who have attended the school.

School Spirit Week
Posted December 20, 2013


West Side has sponsored school spirit week during the spring each year to lighten the mood after the Winter Regents Tests.



Visual Arts


Jeremy Harper is the new art teacher, taking over after the beloved Esther Quiles retired, who brings a strong artistic asthetic and emphasizes story telling in addition to being demanding technician.


Jeremy is a professional comic book artist and is also facile in animation and videography.

Culinary Arts


In Feburary 2015 the first lady, Michelle Obama, visited EAR West Side High School because we have won the gold medal for the healthiest school from the Alliance For A Healthier Generation for the second year in a row. The first lady sampled the culianary creations of the cooking class and greeted many of the students during her visit to our school.


When not feeding the first lady, culinary students regulary compete in the Teen Battle Chef competitions across all of NYC.

Upcoming Events


Awards Ceremony

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