Learning to Work (LTW)

Goddard Riverside's Learning to Work Program is a partner with West Side High School to provide opportunities for students looking for a fresh start in a new learning environment. The program works to build a positive and inclusive community by engaging youth in postsecondary planning, social-emotional support, and career readiness, including paid internships. Through our individualized approach, students improve their academic and professional trajectory. We provide a safe space for every student to discover their unique potential.

For more information please contact Jose at 646-937-0010 or at Jose@earwshs.net. 

LTW Fall Internship

Please complete the form below if you are interested in joining Learning to Work this school year

Fall Application Link 

Remote Internship Details
All work is done remotely, via Google Classroom, Google Digital Skills, Live Video Meeting, etc. 
Intern Groups start on a rolling basis throughout the year
$15/hr and starting at 10 hours offered per week
We will give priority to returning students with positive evaluations from previous semesters. All students are welcome to apply.
If you are selected, we will reach out to confirm and discuss next steps.

For assistance with the application, please reach out to us:
Joanna Ferrell, 646-937-0505, Joannaferrel@earwshs.net
Ashley Vargas Ball, 646-937-0409, Ashley@earwshs.net

Learning to Work Staff

Adjua Starks- Advocate Counselor, Adjua@earwshs.net

Amber Mcmillan- Advocate Counselor, Amber@earwshs.net

Ashley Vargas Ball- Program Aide, Ashley@earwshs.net

Daniella Pajonas- Advocate Counselor, Daniella@earwshs.net

Jonelle Williams- College & Career Counselor, Jonelle@earwshs.net

Joanna Ferrell- Internship Coordinator, Joannaferrel@earwshs.net

Jose Manzano- Program Director, Jose@earwshs.net 

Torian Yancey-Stembridge- Counseling Supervisor, Tyancey@earwshs.net


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  • Arts for All Group - Tuesdays @ 3:30 pm (LINK)

  • BLM Group- Wednesdays @ 3:30 pm (LINK)

  • COVID Group- Thursdays @ 3:30 pm (LINK)

  • Late Night Show Group- Thursdays @ 5 pm (LINK)

  • GSA Group- Fridays @ 2:30 pm (LINK)

*Open for all students!

Intern Activities 

Fall 2020 Activity Schedule

(Only for current interns)

Open Office Hours


  • Monday - Friday, 2:30 - 3:30 pm- LINK

  • Monday - Thursday, 5 - 6 pm- LINK


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