Learning to Work

Goddard Riverside's Learning to Work Program is a partner with West Side High School to provide opportunities for students looking for a fresh start in a new learning environment. The program works to build a positive and inclusive community by engaging youth in postsecondary planning, social-emotional support, and career readiness, including paid internships. Through our individualized approach, students improve their academic and professional trajectory. We provide a safe space for every student to discover their unique potential.

For more information please contact Jose at 646-937-0010 or at Jose@earwshs.net. 

Meet the LTW Team

Adjua, Advocate Counselor, Adjua@earwshs.net

Amber, Advocate Counselor, Amber@earwshs.net

Ashley, Program Aide, Ashley@earwshs.net

Daniella, Advocate Counselor, Daniella@earwshs.net

Jonelle, College & Career Counselor, Jonelle@earwshs.net

Jose, Program Director, Jose@earwshs.net

Torian, Counseling Supervisor, Tyancey@earwshs.net

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Join Today!

For questions, reach out to Ashley at Ashley@earwshs.net

End of Cycle Awards

Awards for:

Highest Grades

Highest Attendance

Most improved from Cycle 1

Join us for a quiet, virtual space to complete your work.

Everyday at 2:30 pm

(212) 678-7300

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